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We would love for you to partner with us!

Prince of Peace Praise Center is a benevolent Kingdom-minded church who believes in outreach and investing in our community. We also believe that tithing and sowing financial seeds grow a great harvest.  POPPC is good ground for your seed to grow. Please pray for our ministry and consider sowing into good ground.

Giving declaration

Because I am a tither and a giver, the windows of heaven are open to me, and God rebukes the devourer for my sake.  I am blessed financially and receive a blessing that I cannot contain.

I do not worry about lack, knowing God supplies all my needs richly and abundantly; therefore, I am able to sow freely and liberally.

Because God loves to see me prosper, I am believing Him for: jobs and better jobs, advancements, raises and bonuses, sales and commissions, God-ideas and strategies, debts paid off, expenses decrease, blessings and increases, financial freedom, and breakthroughs.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sandra Burton

I give to to Prince of Peace Praise Center because of God's boundless grace and generosity. I give to glorify and honor God. God promises to bless my commitment. Jesus demonstrated his love for all of us when he took his place on the cross. He gave his life not just for me but for all of us.

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Mr. & Mrs. Manwell Sutton 

I give to Prince of Peace Praise Center because I've truly seen what giving from your heart does and I also understand the principle. Since giving to Prince of Peace my wife and I have been blessed beyond measure. Bishop preaches and teaches about the principle of giving and made it very clear that "we have to sow where we want to go." Through paying our tithes and offering and sowing seeds my wife and I have seen nothing but increase. We have two successful businesses and are now building a new home together. We thank God for leading us to Prince of Peace Praise Center and giving us a true man and woman of God to cover us.

The Happer Family

We give to Prince of Peace Praise Center because we are grateful and appreciative of all that God has provided for our family without lack. Tithing is our family's first priority with any increase our household receives. We understand all marriages go through trial and tribulations. However, one thing we are proud about in our marriage, is that we have never had any issues regarding finances. We understand that all God asks for is 10%. And that 10% can be multiplied by remaining faithful to the principle of tithing. No matter how hard it gets, we will never not tithe.

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